Monday, September 29, 2008

Flash Back... and a request for thoughts and prayers

Our Grandson - September 20, 2008

I am thankful that he is even alive... Keep praying for us all -

(D=Me, A=Daughter L="Boyfriend" K="Boyfriend's Sister" N="My husband")

July 6th, 2008 9:20 am - Awakened by a phone call:

D "Hello?"

A "Hey"

D "Hey!"

A "What're you doing?"

D "Mmm - I'm waking up"

A "Yeah...[sighs]"

D "What are you doing?"

A "Nothing. I don't feel good."

D "What's the matter"

A "I'm throwing up and I have diareah"

D "Hmm - When did that start?"

A "Huh?"

D "When did that start?"

A "Last night"

D "[Clears throat] Any, ah, cramps or anything, I mean like in your stomach"

A "[little bit]"

D "hmm?"

A "Little bit"

D "Where are you at?"

A "Dad's"

D "Uh-hm"

A "[I don't know]"

D "Hmm?"

A "I don't know"

D "Do you think you might be going into labor?"

A "No"

D "You just think you're sick?

A "Uh-huh

D "Do you have anything to take?"

A "Do what?"

D "Do you have anything to take?"

A "Not really... [Sigh]... I think it's cause I took a hydrocodone the other day, it's like an opiate, I think it made me sick "

D "Well, where'd you get that?"

A "When we were in Dallas for the 4th of July"

D "Have you been using?"

A "Huh?"

D "Have you been using heroin?"

A "I can't hear you"

D "Have you been doing heroin?"

A "No"

D "That's good. Um..."

A "It feels just the same"

D "Well, you might need to go to the hospital if it keeps up"

A "They'll take the baby away"

D "Huh?"

A "They'll take the baby away"

D "Well, if you test positive for something, but, you know, I don't know what to tell you about that, A. Um... you know you and the baby can come here"

A "Yeah, they're still not going to let me keep it or let me be around it"

D "Honey. Are you thinking of not going to the hospital when the baby is born?"

A "Yeah, I'm going to go to the hospital when the baby is born - but I can't right now. I can't go to the hospital for the way I feel right now"

D "Well... you might have to 'cause... and, if the baby's not born and you're still sick you need to go get help, you know, that's also for the best interest, the benefit of the... I mean to be honest you know, if you think that you're sick because of what you took, you know that could make the baby sick too, right?"

A "Yeah"

D "You know, and I hope you... I don't know... Where's L?"

A "Upstairs"

D "Well, is he sick?"

A "Yeah"

D "He is too... Is your dad home?"

A "Yeah"

D "I'm not sure what to tell you or what to do, Honey. Are ya'll - Ya'll are both sick... Um..."

A "Yeah"

D "From the same thing?"

A "Yeah"

D "What can I do to help?"

A "I don't know. L would be mad if he knows I'm talking to you..."

D "Well..."

A "... for telling you"

D "Then you're doing the right thing because it's not about him"

A "I don't know what to do, he thinks I should just, you know, stick with it and see what happens in a day or so, if it fucking goes away or whatever, but Dad has to go to work tomorrow and we don't have our cell phone, we let a friend borrow it and we still had our other one and they were supposed to bring it back on the way back from Cedar Creek..."

D "Do you want me to come get you?"

A "I don't know!"

D "Well Honey, you have to decide, you can't just do something because L thinks it's a good idea"

A "Well, I don't know if it's a good idea or not"

D "Well, are you worried about your baby at all?"

A "Yeah"

D "Well, think about - it if you're having, for what ever brings it on, you know, diarreah and vomiting, you know..."

A "I'm having withdrawals, that's what it is"

D "I know. Withdrawals. But when you have withdrawals your baby has withdrawals..."

A "I know"

D "...And that's not good... um, and L, you know, I don't know, if he's going through withdrawal he's not thinking of you or the baby, he doesn't feel good either... but... and, going through withdrawal that can bring on labor, too, A. You need to be with someone that can make sure you get to the hospital, and, someone that if, if you're not able to... if you do have a baby and you test for drugs, that can help you and the baby you see? If you're just depending on L they're not going to give you the time of day... Can I come get you?"

A "I don't know, I mean, 'cause L can't stay here, we gotta figure out where he's gonna go..."

D "Well, I can give him a ride... well, find out"

A "All right"

D "But your responsibility is not to L right now, Honey"

A "I know"

D "Ok. I'm glad you called me, thank you. I love you A and I'm worried about you"

A "I am too"

D "Call me back"

A "Alright"

D "Ok"

A "Bye"

D "Bye"

July 6th 2008 9:33 am - I call her back:

A "Hello?"

D "Hi Honey"

A "Hey"

D "Now you've got me really worried now - Is your dad there? Have you told him?"

A "Yeah"

D "Can I talk to him?"

A "Kind of"

D "Hm?"

A "I said kind of"

D "You kind of told him?"

A "Yeah"

D "Honey, I don't think you'd recognize if you were, you know... when did this start?"

A "Last Night"

D "You really need to go to the hospital..."

A "I can't"

D "Why?"

A "Cause..." (crying)

D "Because you're worried they're going to take, you know, because they're going to track you or what?"

A "um-hm. kind of"

D "That might happen anyway, A - It's better to go in and show that you're taking care... What if you, uh, you know, going thru withdrawals and you end up going into labor at the same time?"

A [mumbled]

D "huh?"

A "Let me call you right back"

D "ok"

A "bye"

I call "Boyfriend's" sister K 9:40am:

K "Hello"

D "Hi K - Did I wake you up?"

K "No, My brother just did "

D "Oh, what did he tell you?"

K "He just asked to come over for a little bit. What's going on?"

D "Ok, good. Well, apparently he and A are both going through some withdrawals..."

K "Oh Crap"

D "I know but I'm trying to talk her [PHONE BEEPS] Hold on, she's calling me back, ok?"

K "Ok"

00:25 [Beep Beep]

D "Hello"

A "Hey"

D "Hi Honey"

A "Um, I guess, come and get me"

D "Ok. All Right, I'll be there shortly"

D "OK? Are you there?"

K "It's K"

D "Oh, Sorry. A told me to come get her. Yeah. I don't - she was worried about having a place for him, can he come ov.." [call ended]

I call "Boyfriend's" sister back 9:42am:

K "Hey"

D "Hey K... "

K "Yeah"

D "A hasn't told L that she's called or told... she just said, as far, she didn't want L to know she called and told me this so I don't guess he told you that - and it's like, I'm going to pick her up - um she's worried he'll be mad at her, but you know, I don't really care about that, but, uh..."

K "Definitely. Um so why is he calling me to come over here? That's... "

D "Because A won't leave unless he has a place to go"

K "Oh, Ok..."

D "and so if you can just maintain long enough for me to get her, I mean I'm going to... "

K "Yeah, that'll be fine, I'll get him over here and feed him and [unclear]..."

D "... yeah, and, don't, don't, don't tell him that she called and said told, was honest about the withdrawal ok? because she's worried about... "

K "Ok, um, she's going through them too right now? "

D "Yes, and I'm going to take her to the hospital - I don't think she knows that - but you know, cause, yeah she's going through it too"

K "Yeah take her up there and let them know she's going through the withdrawals pregnant cause it's going to be dangerous for the baby for her to go through withdrawals"

D "I know, that's what I told her..."

K "It'll send her into labor"

D "That's what I told her and she wouldn't know any, you know, whether she was in or not, so I'm going to go take care of her if you can just let Steve bring L over there, they, so she'll quit worrying about him and um..."

K "Is her dad bringing him over here?"

D "Huh?"

[PHONE BEEPS - Getting another call]

K "Is her dad bringing him here"

D "I think so, she's..."

K "That's how ya'll are getting him here? cause he doesn't have a car"


D "Yeah, Yeah, I think so. Ok, Hold on -"

K "k"

D "Hello?"


D "Hello?"

A "Hey - Dad said he'll meet you in Terrell, we're gonna go drop L off"

D "Ok... At the hospital?"

A "No, at the McDonald's... or do you want to meet at the hospital?"

D "Let's meet at the hospital Honey - I think you need to, to make sure you're not in labor, Ok?"

A "All right"

D "All right, Bye"

A "Bye"

K calls and talks to my husband at the Hospital 12:27pm

N: "K, Can you hang on just a second?"

K: "Yeah"

N: "OK"

K: "Thank you"

(N is speaking on his phone with CPS in the background, giving his phone number )

N: "You there?"

K: "Yes"

N: "Ok - You doing Ok? "

K: "Ok, yes, I got in touch with CPS and they said they cannot get involved until after she has the baby, but... "

N: "Yeah, I called them myself just a little while ago"

K: "Oh did you?"

N: "Yeah"

K: "Ok"

N: "And they told me the same thing, so..."

K: "well, I went ahead and filed a report and they said just to call them back and, if, you know, anything else comes up like she gets arrested again or anything like that to call and let them know and...

N: "Ok"

K: "... all that kind of stuff but, um, anyways, how's she doing?

N: "Well, they're getting her stable and they're going to send her over to Baylor..."

K: "Getting her stable... are they, are they giving her methadone?

N: "Uh, no, they don't have any here, that's why they need to uh send her to Dallas, they're going to send her to a high-risk uh natal unit and the Doctor called Baylor and he said yeah they'd make room for her over there, so..."

K: "That's good"

N: "So, um, yeah, they just don't have anything here - matter of fact they're closing the labor & delivery part of this hospital, uh, in a couple of weeks. They're not taking any new patients, um so if you know anybody out that way that's uh, pregnant, tell them not to come here... hang on just a second..."

K: "I know she, ok."

N: "Ok, you there?"

K: "Yeah"

N: "All right. So"

K: "Well, just keep me posted, text me or something because you know I just kind of snuck away cause L is still here, so..."

N: "Well, feel free to boot him out or call Constable to come pick him up, he's probably got warrants out

K: "[laughs], that's true... but, um, yeah, just keep me posted on what's going on and let me know how she is"

N: "I will. They just did a songram and the baby is like 36 weeks and four days is what they estimate, um..."

K: "Oh wow"

N: "based on the size...and, uh, so they want to try and let her go a little bit longer, but, you know that's what I was telling the Doctor - Our delimma is, Ok, you get her stablized and then say she can go home, uh, she's just gonna go right back..."

K: "Yeah, she's gonna get right back on it as soon as she, yeah."

N: "Oh, yeah.

K: "She's just there cause she doesn't have the money or the way to get it right now"

N: "Well, we're gonna, if they transport her over to Baylor, Um, then they have programs over there, IF she'll agree to go through the programs, so that's the other thing..."

K: "Right"

N: "So, uh, and right now the only thing we can us to coerce her into staying would be how it's gonna look when she goes before the judge, so..."

K: "Right"

N: "Uh, that's the angle we're gonna have to play, 'cause otherwise you know she's 18, she can just get up and leave"

K: "Yeah"

N: "So, but anyway we'll keep you posted, and, uh, you call if you need anything, ok? But feel free to..."

K: "Ok"

N: "... do whatever with L, you could toss him out on the side of the road for all we care"

K: "[Laughs] All Right, well, thanks N, I'll talk to you later"

N: "Yeah, thanks for your help, Bye"

K: "Oh, you're welcome. Bye"


Fractalmom said...

:::shaking my head.:::: prayers.

Laura said...

continuous prayers..for this beautiful boy..and all involved, especially you.

thejunkyswife said...

That's a very, very handsome baby. You guys are in my prayers.

sKILLz said...

Thats one cutie!
I really hope everything is going well.
you havent posted in a few and I am going to keep you all in my prayers!
Stay Strong!
Stay up!

Ask Aunt B said...

I pray for your wisdom and a peace, a calm assurance and the strength to get you through all of this. It is the unconditional love you must continue, even in the darkest of hour. Love the child, loathe the sickness.

Yes, heroin has the ability to poison your thinking and perceptions. It is such a liar, I know it was and still is my lover. I just choose not to bed down with it any longer.

What happens is the magic of the drug, well, it envelopes you like warm wings of an angel, nothing is wrong with the world. When it wears off, you get so terribly sick and of course the answer calls out your name. You'll do just about anything to not only get over the flu like symptoms x10 but to feel those warm wings...the wings of Satan himself.

Stay in fervent prayer my friend. You are in the midst of a spiritual battle not only for your daughter but your grandbaby, literally.

God is good, God is greater and He alone has the power to defeat it. Have faith Grandma, have faith.

Lou said...

Just stopped by, it's been awhile. Reading that conversation with the junky brought back memories. Everything is just so friggin convuluted & made as difficult as possible on somebody ELSE. How sad.

I'm grateful you have the beautiful child.

Naomi C, UK said...

reading this blog is heartbreaking. although i have never had children, my momma has had to go through all the motions of having me a drug addict from age 17 to 21 (Which i am now). reading these posts devestates me; family are certainly the forgotten victims of heroin addiction. and also, addicts children. i know many people who have had their children taken away and put into care, he is so lucky to have a loving caring family to take him in. take care x

Gledwood said...

he looks so cute and Cabbage Patch!!