Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Baby Steps

Baby is walking ! :-)

I have still not had a call or letter from his mom, my daughter, since she got out of Jail in May...

I saw her ONCE - when we went to meet the "boyfriend's" parents to exchange Baby for their visit - 3 weeks after she was released from jail... She was with them! It made me physically ill to see her, with them - she did not look healthy. I really had nothing to say to her - especially not in front of them... For days I felt so insulted, and viewed it as calculating on all of their parts to hurt me - but I have come to believe that the truth is, in this case, they simply do not think about me or my husband, or really anyone but their Big Addicted Baby.

The other Grandfather made a very suprising gesture last week - He had 5 cans of baby formula that *we* pay $25 a can for... asked if we could use them. NEVER have they offered to help with diapers, formula, etc... We said "Sure" and "Thank you!" and asked how he came about this windfall. The answer? "Well, we get it through medicaid, and it's about to expire - He's almost a year old now"

SO TYPICAL. How thoughtful of them. I forgot they lied from day one and said he lived with them. Nice.

Alas - Life goes on.

I found this recently - Heroin Alert - Erin's Story

Did I mention that I HATE HEROIN?