Saturday, January 31, 2009

Safe Behind bars

I was struck by the parallel life parents and child are living...

When needed, all are safely behind bars...

Totally dependent on their caretakers...

I will say, this little guy is right on track - sitting up on his own! Belly laughing at the cat and silly faces, moving forward on all fronts, in a positive direction... and, spends very little time in his crib :-) 6 months old!

And now my daughter is writing me 3-4 times a week, and each letter seems clearer.

Hope springs eternal

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Definition of "Insanity?"

Well - you know the last Blog - Daughter arrested 1/7 - got out on 1/13 - ANOTHER PR Bond... amazing. Apparently the public defender did advise her, but of course I only have my daughter's version to go by... Judge released her on PR bond with condition that she return for a drug test tomorrow...

Geez - Guess what? Last night, I get a call... She was arrested AGAIN, this time "boyfriend" was arrested, too. Same thing, different store, different county... additional charge of "tampering with ID", whatever that means. She says they made a mistake, of course.

I don't think it's going to be a revolving door this time... but, who knows

Monday, January 12, 2009


Not really - I just thought this was a fun picture... He's an adorable baby - so happy and sweet and blissfully unaware of any drama concerning him. Thankfully.

And, there really has been little drama, except the normal craziness of raising a 6 month old while also trying to work, etc... My husband and I both started new jobs in August, shortly after bringing Baby home. Last month we both got big validations - I was promoted to supervisor, and Husband got a HUGE bonus. It is so ironic that we have accomplished these things despite a custody case and a new babe in the house - makes us just a little unsympathetic to the complete apathy of this precious babe's parents, you know?

I got several cryptic phone calls this weekend - My daughter is back in jail. She was apparently arrested on the 7th for shoplifting - from the brief 60 sec "freebie" conversation I had with her Saturday, "boyfriend" was supposed to be "getting her out" - I guess she only called me because that hasn't happened yet. BIG Surprise.

There is apparently a service where I can put money on an account so that she can call me collect - I did it once, a loooong time ago - apparently that has been depleted on her other jail visits - and I'm not doing it again. $50 minimum. It is quite amazing how creative and resourceful she can be - she has a system where she calls me collect, and instead of saying her name, she says "Call "boyfriend" and tell him where I am", or something like that...