Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Love

Several updates -

My daughter's letters came to an abrupt halt after I wrote and expressed my concerns about her requests for money, etc (see last post)... She called a few days ago, and told me she was now a trustee and is keeping busy doing laundry, cleaning, etc... again, I don't know much about County Jails, but she seemed happy. She said my latest letter really got to her... yesterday I got another letter reiterating what she told me, and it was a much easier letter to digest than those she has sent before... She seems to be thinking about things as she should - admits she is ashamed of how she has been and what she has done - that when on Heroin she just didn't care... Hope this thought process and communication continues.

The babe is doing fine - the visits with his other grandparents have resumed - I miss him and worry about him when he is not here. Since he goes to a day care when he is with them, he often comes back with colds and such... It just seems unfair to him, but, what can I do? He is getting older and there is more and more of an adjustment needed when he comes home. He will be 7 Months old soon. I do have a short video of him laughing that I'll post when I can figure out how - he thinks it's hilarious when someone sneezes - and can play peek-a-boo for HOURS - lol