Tuesday, May 20, 2008

As we head into summer...

As I head into the summer, I am optimistic about many things, and of course concerned about a lot of things... Daughter's pregnancy is advancing and she seems to be doing well, although as far as I know she hasn't had another OB/GYN appointment, which is a concern. To recap, shortly after she was bonded out of jail by "boyfriend's" parent on heroin possession charge I contacted her OB/GYN to inform them of her heroin use during pregnancy... I still think it was the right thing to do, in light of things that she had told me - but, no suprise, it angered her A LOT, and I haven't seen her since... I have been in contact with her though, and I am glad for that.

She and her "boyfriend" are living with her father - Around Mother's day I printed off some family photos of her and her family over the years - and used them as stationary to let her know how much we (her family) have always loved her & still do - and to let her know that I miss her and am happy to hear from her father that she is doing well. I made a point of not dwelling on heroin, et al... just reminding her that I am here for her if she needs me. She responded with a very nice phone call, and since then we have talked several times. I have sent her books (She loves to read - I resisted the urge to send her self-help books - I ordered her books by Stephanie Myers, her new favorite author who has a trilogy "The Twilight Saga" that is very popular ... about vampires, I think. She's always liked Stephen King, VC Andrews, Dean Koontz, etc. I did slip in "Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality" LOL. She called to thank me when she got the books... unfortunately, the Meyers book was the Spanish version, which was pretty funny. Yesterday I mailed her a return label so that she could send it back to Amazon, and I included some maternity clothes for her.

Her dad thinks they are staying clean, and when I talk to her she sounds good, so I am going with that for now - The baby is due in July, and I don't want to be estranged. Her father and I have just about talked her into returning to her OB/GYN here... They drug tested her on her last appointment in April, and she told me that it was "clean" ... if true, there is no reason for her to avoid the Doctor, who she really liked.