Tuesday, July 15, 2008

She's frustrated...

Daughter is getting good medical care - and I am proud that she is still at the hospital.

Overall, she's been treated very compassionately... Yesterday the "boyfriend" finally left the hospital, but due to his camping out there for a few days, she is now restricted to the floor. Other patients can come and go for short trips downstairs, and she could too, last week ... she's frustrated and understands, but still is chafing at the bit. She made a good point that she is staying there voluntarily, and since there is no restriction on her visitors if she was trying to score in the hospital, she could... I took the day off and spent most of the day with her yesterday, trying to keep her spirits up

Yesterday morning the doctor discussed inducing her, but first wanted to do an amniocentesis to check that the baby's lungs were mature. The test came back that the lungs may not be quite ready. That was a disappointment to all. The procedure was not pleasant for her, but she handled it very well. She started contracting after the procedur for about an hour, then her uterus calmed down.