Thursday, June 26, 2008

No turning back...

How it will all turn out... Daughter 18 and her boyfriend, addicted to heroin, and a baby due any day... she hasn't had prenatal care since April. I did my best "fundus measurement" in a brief visit with her, and the tape measure shows 38 cm. How to reach her? How to protect her from herself? More importantly, how to protect the child on the way without alienating my daughter even more? (Imagine - the only thing MORE alienating than heroin)

My maternal instinct has and remains painfully strong. I will protect the innocent to the best of my ability, including obtaining custody as long as necessary to ensure the baby is not exposed to heroin and it's consequences once born.

I am praying that my daughter will give birth not only to a healthy child, but also to this prevailing mother-love that will finally be the factor that moves her to get away from heroin and heroin users for good.