Monday, July 7, 2008

In Hospital

Daughter called me yesterday morning a little after 9 because she was "sick" - with withdrawal. She and "boyfriend" both - not because they decided to quit, but because her car broke down.

I convinced her to let her dad drive her to the hospital in Terrel (1/2 way between us) - They ended up care-flighting her to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas, because of the high-risk pregnancy and they have a level 3 NICU. Before she was transported she'd started having contractions. She had "all kinds of things going on..." per the nurse

When we got to Baylor about an hour later, they wouldn't let us in to see her - finally the doctor came to talk to us and explained that she had been very combative, they almost used restraints, but once they got some methadone in her, she settled down. We went in and were relieved to see her calm and comfortable. Hungry, even.

Sonogram shows her to be about 36 weeks, her cervix is still thick, and the contractions seemed to have stopped (magnesium.) I like the Doctor - he would like to keep her and see if she'll go closer to full term and is hoping that "free methadone" will be the incentive for her to stay in the hospital. He said he won't discharge her until the baby is born, but they can't force her to stay... he is also going to get psychiatry involved.

Keep us in your thoughts!