Thursday, October 22, 2009

Intricate as a Fugue

Wow - what a day. Sure miss servers when they are down! In the world of tech support, especially.

No news to report on the "situation" - I did get a long letter from daughter yesterday, though. Predictable, sad. She sure knows my buttons. I'll breathe deep before replying.  She did request another copy of "rescue this child" poem - I can do that, easily.

Syd's recent post about Beauty prompted me to share this poem here that I ran across in 2005 while husband and I were in the mountains of Texas, and that I have been thinking of lately:

Ars Poetica of a Desert Dweller:

Soon I'll be speeding
Through a cement-sliced canyon
towards wages and work, a steel key turning
In a steel lock, but first I

on my way to the car
and kneel
the better to see a needle-misted cactus

among broken rocks
crowned by a ruby-petalled star
smaller than a fawn spot,
intricate as a fugue. Tiny Flower,

fleck of fire, beauty indifferent
to indifference, teach me.

~ Laura Long