Saturday, April 18, 2009

You've got a friend

Well, my daughter was moved to the county jail in the county where she was recently indicted for her heroin possession charge - I must admit to a feeling of panic when I was alerted to by the VINES network that her custody status had changed and that she had been released from jail - it was a few hours before I got notice that she was then in custody at the other county jail. "Boyfriend" did not get released.

I don't know really know what to expect, as far as her felony possession charge - It is a pretty serious offense. She wrote to me again right after she was transferred and said she does plan on talking to her new defender and the judge about rehab - actually I got three letters at once and a poem she had written for my upcoming birthday next week - the last time we spoke on the phone and the resulting letter I sent her again seemed to have struck a nerve (I wrote about my frustration in my previous post) - and she had written me to apologize and try to explain better what she meant.

At times she seems so much like the child who was so close to me - I then wrote her a much more thoughtful and encouraging letter... and on the day I mailed it is when I was notified she was transferred - Wow, the letters I write are all hand-written - no copies - and I had spent so much time on that one. LOL. I sure do take a lot of "instant communications" for granted! Anyway. The letter was finally returned to me, so I mailed it off with another letter I wrote to her. I do love her, and cherish this time we have to exchange thoughts via letter. We can't interrupt each other, we can reread - and we can't really fire-off a rapid response that maybe wasn't well thought out, such as happens with email.

She asked me to send the "Rescue This Child" prayer, as the move was so sudden she had left it taped to the wall by her bunk. I think I like the idea of that being there, hopefully it will stay up, for other "lost children" to find. I sent her another.