Saturday, April 18, 2009

You've got a friend

Well, my daughter was moved to the county jail in the county where she was recently indicted for her heroin possession charge - I must admit to a feeling of panic when I was alerted to by the VINES network that her custody status had changed and that she had been released from jail - it was a few hours before I got notice that she was then in custody at the other county jail. "Boyfriend" did not get released.

I don't know really know what to expect, as far as her felony possession charge - It is a pretty serious offense. She wrote to me again right after she was transferred and said she does plan on talking to her new defender and the judge about rehab - actually I got three letters at once and a poem she had written for my upcoming birthday next week - the last time we spoke on the phone and the resulting letter I sent her again seemed to have struck a nerve (I wrote about my frustration in my previous post) - and she had written me to apologize and try to explain better what she meant.

At times she seems so much like the child who was so close to me - I then wrote her a much more thoughtful and encouraging letter... and on the day I mailed it is when I was notified she was transferred - Wow, the letters I write are all hand-written - no copies - and I had spent so much time on that one. LOL. I sure do take a lot of "instant communications" for granted! Anyway. The letter was finally returned to me, so I mailed it off with another letter I wrote to her. I do love her, and cherish this time we have to exchange thoughts via letter. We can't interrupt each other, we can reread - and we can't really fire-off a rapid response that maybe wasn't well thought out, such as happens with email.

She asked me to send the "Rescue This Child" prayer, as the move was so sudden she had left it taped to the wall by her bunk. I think I like the idea of that being there, hopefully it will stay up, for other "lost children" to find. I sent her another.

Baby is doing great - just finished a course of antibiotics in time to send him off for a visit with the other grandparents. It seems he always comes back sick, because he goes to daycare on the weekdays they have him... the doctor told me that is normal, and actually as he get's older he'll have an advantage over children who start kindergarden having never been exposed to all of the bugs that the kids pass around.

It sure is quiet here. I had 22 performance reviews to do for my staff the past 2 weeks- all I can say is: Yuck! They all deserve my careful thought and consideration, and they got that - but 22 due at once, I'm not sure what the company is thinking there. Mentally exhausting. Glad they are done.

Proud granny that I am - here's video from 3-24... crawling - it only took him a week to get steady and really cruise! My oldest daughter was over to play with Baby and used her treo to take video :-)

and - I like this... reminds me of blogger friends here:


cornbread hell said...

couldn't stop grinning watching the grandson video. thanks.

oh &, happy b'day tuesday.

Annette said...

Well, you got me going again. Something about you and your daughter...I think its because she is close in age to mine maybe. Who knows. The rescue prayer is amazing and I have it taped up at my desk.

I love email and letter writing to communicate for the very reasons you stated. My husband and I use email a lot through out the day and we have worked through some rather large issues very peaceably that way.

Haven't watched the video yet. No easy access sound on this computer, its all hooked up to all of this recording equipment....have to go downstairs. Will watch soon.

Blessings to you my friend...

pat said...

Always thinking about you.

cw2smom said...

Holy Cow that's a HUGE CAT next to that baby!!! ;P Precious little one out discovering life! Wishing you continued progress with your daughter. Sometimes that jail time gives them the opportunity to really examine how they are/aren't living! Keep up the honest communication with her and it will do you both good! Blessings, Lisa

Athena said...

Thanks & hugs to all ~

LOL, Lisa - That *is* a huge cat - Prince William. AND - he never has liked kids much... except this baby - he wants to be with him all the time - they look for each other first thing every morning... It's pretty amazing - And... Prince William hates it as much as we do when Landon's not here. I am afraid they are both going to get their feelings hurt pretty soon, now that Landon is so mobile and eyeing that tail... but they are always supervised -

Leslie said...

I love the video of your grandson with that big ol' cat, the next one of the sand artist (amazing), and especially that you and your daughter exchange handwritten letters , as well as the thought that goes into them.

I also really love the idea that your 'Rescue This Child' prayer might be left for the next person in the bunk your daughter had to leave so quickly.

I wish you all the best.

Lou said...

Let's nickname him Landon, the motor scooter! How time flies. I remember your (our) fears before he was born.

I have every letter from jail, starting at age 18. I will keep them always. I know the fear when they are being moved. I was afraid he would miss a meal when he was moved, because you have to be in line at a certain time. He missed a lot of meals on the street, but still I worried about it. Stupid, I know.
At least she is accumulating clean time. Stay strong.

Syd said...

Cute baby. I'm glad that you are there for him.

My Daughter's Addiction said...

Just checking in. I've been so busy I haven't had time to check in and see what's going on.

First, it's just so sad that your daughter's in hurts my heart...however, at least you know she's safe. She's got alot of time to think about where she's been and where she wants to go.

Then, so cute. The video of that precious little baby...what a blessing.

Oh, and your cat is cute too!

kristi said...

Oh, woops, I see she didn't learn too much judging from this post. It is hard, huh?