Monday, September 1, 2008

Never a Dull Moment

I feel so bad that I haven't posted recently... I so appreciate all of the nice thoughts everyone has sent our way, and hopefully one day I'll have some free time to blog a bit. Maybe. One day. (smile)


* Husband and I both started new jobs two weeks ago

* Hired a Nanny

* Baby got circumcised last Monday

* We went to court for 1st custody hearing last Tuesday - Daughter & "boyfriend" were no shows, hearing rescheduled

* New Nanny was a no-show last Wednesday

* Baby got to help me fix computers last Wednesday, cause I had taken Monday off and Tuesday morning off already... fortunately I work from home!

* Set a new standard for ad-hoc chaos last Wednesday. Fired Nanny.

* Baby turned 5 weeks old last Thursday - 5 weeks old! My, how time flies...

* We All Survived the rest of the week... Amazing Husband (and he has to drive in rush hour traffic every day for his new position at a fast paced law firm!) and adult children working together - Amazing family I have here... that the baby has here. ('Cept one key adult child was missing - haven't talked to her in over a week - she hasn't seen baby in 4 weeks. Sigh.)

We Spent the weekend interviewing new nannies & preparing for Louisiana relatives - The relatives arrived yesterday, 4 adults and 2 dogs. New nanny arrived today - she will be living in... We like her a LOT (and, she can make towel animals!)

Ok - I think I touched on the main points... lots of tiny details that either almost sunk us or lifted us up these past few weeks - Sooo much to be thankful for tonight as I get ready to collapse in preparation for another day of organized chaos and lots of love and laughter and worries... The babe is healthy and happy and so are we ... we are truly blessed in so many many ways. Sense of humor and appreciation of fine ironies firmly in place.


Lou said...

Thank God for this miracle. I'm overwhelmed with emotion, I don't know where to start.
Guess I'll just say you have lifted my heart & renewed my faith.
The baby is beautiful!

Laura said...

He's just to precious for words and what a gift you have and what a gift he's been given in you and your husband.

I don't know how to do towel animals but if Nanny #2 bails, I might be for hire. :) naaaah

So good to read you again.

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Whew, you've had a lot going on! I have to say that baby is just beautiful. :)

pat said...

He is beautiful. God love him. I am so happy you have been blessed with him and he is doing wonderful. You sound wonderful. Tired but wonderful.

Norman said...

"almost sunk us"?
No way, MBAD! As long as we're together, nothing can sink us.
NADFM, eh?

Athena said...

To all - He IS beautiful, isn't he? Such a little miracle.

I have to say it's a weird deja vu type of thing, starting new jobs, new baby... But with such a wonderful and supportive partner, and a backlog of experience. Now THERE's a difference!

Yes - babies are hard work, and require a lot of energy... But I'll take wisdom over youth, any day... any day.

Fractalmom said...

Congratulations to both you and Norm!! Revel in the beauty of the miracle of life, and on this Granparents Day, Thank Him for the privilege and honor of raising such a beautiful baby.

As Viktor Frankl said, (paraphrase, it's morning here and I can't remember the entire quote LOL)

You cannot always control what HAPPENS to you in life. The only thing you CAN control is the way you respond to that happening.

I would say you and Norm have just about got it nailed.

Another custodial grandparent friend of mine says "Us Grannies are like Teabags. The more hot water ya put us in, the stronger we get...."

Laura said...

It's nearly October..and you're all still on my mind and in my prayers.

Laura said...

Hi Athena,

I just read Fractolmom's blog and learned of the latest regarding beautiful baby boy. I will praying fervently this week and ask others to pray as well.

We will lift all of you up.

Huge hug.