Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Love

Several updates -

My daughter's letters came to an abrupt halt after I wrote and expressed my concerns about her requests for money, etc (see last post)... She called a few days ago, and told me she was now a trustee and is keeping busy doing laundry, cleaning, etc... again, I don't know much about County Jails, but she seemed happy. She said my latest letter really got to her... yesterday I got another letter reiterating what she told me, and it was a much easier letter to digest than those she has sent before... She seems to be thinking about things as she should - admits she is ashamed of how she has been and what she has done - that when on Heroin she just didn't care... Hope this thought process and communication continues.

The babe is doing fine - the visits with his other grandparents have resumed - I miss him and worry about him when he is not here. Since he goes to a day care when he is with them, he often comes back with colds and such... It just seems unfair to him, but, what can I do? He is getting older and there is more and more of an adjustment needed when he comes home. He will be 7 Months old soon. I do have a short video of him laughing that I'll post when I can figure out how - he thinks it's hilarious when someone sneezes - and can play peek-a-boo for HOURS - lol

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greetings... sigh

Well, Husband and I went shopping for Valentine's day cards and candy for the kids and grandkids - the only one I had trouble finding a card for was my addicted daughter, who is now in jail...

We joked about the need for greeting cards for inmates - and of course later when I googled it, there it is - this picture is from one, under the "tough love" category. There was another that I related to:

No More Promises -

"Outside Message: No More Promises...
Inside Message: When you called recently, I wasn’t very sympathetic. I guess I’ve heard your promises to change too many times. Please - stop promising to change and just do it."

Friday, February 6, 2009

Wings of An Angel ~ A lucid interlude

So much of my time these days is consumed with work... and so much each day gets left undone...

And then precious "extra time" is often spent zoning, blogging about my daughter, thinking, thinking...

So much time that an addicted child consumes, even when all precautions are taken.

I wanted to take this brief space and time to say thank you to my husband - He understands the unfathomable, always takes time to listen, and keeps me and this home running so smoothly.... And you should see him soothing a baby, mediating disputes with the young adults in the house and helping with last minute high school projects - often within minutes of coming home from a long commute from his hectic and stressful fast paced office. In this way, my life is so fair.

Thank your support team, whomever they are ...