Friday, February 20, 2009

Blog Love

Several updates -

My daughter's letters came to an abrupt halt after I wrote and expressed my concerns about her requests for money, etc (see last post)... She called a few days ago, and told me she was now a trustee and is keeping busy doing laundry, cleaning, etc... again, I don't know much about County Jails, but she seemed happy. She said my latest letter really got to her... yesterday I got another letter reiterating what she told me, and it was a much easier letter to digest than those she has sent before... She seems to be thinking about things as she should - admits she is ashamed of how she has been and what she has done - that when on Heroin she just didn't care... Hope this thought process and communication continues.

The babe is doing fine - the visits with his other grandparents have resumed - I miss him and worry about him when he is not here. Since he goes to a day care when he is with them, he often comes back with colds and such... It just seems unfair to him, but, what can I do? He is getting older and there is more and more of an adjustment needed when he comes home. He will be 7 Months old soon. I do have a short video of him laughing that I'll post when I can figure out how - he thinks it's hilarious when someone sneezes - and can play peek-a-boo for HOURS - lol

Annette honored me with a "Blog Love Award":

Thank you! The rules are that I now bestow the award on fellow bloggers that I admire - so many to choose from! And, of course, all that Annette has already awarded I agree with - So, here goes:
Here are the rules:
* When you receive the Blog Love Award, you should place the logo on your blog proudly!
* Link to the blogger that awarded you the love.
* Nominate your friends and bloggers you read regularly, as many as you like.
* Finally, let them know you’ve nominated them to receive the award...
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Oh boy - Too many to list! I will leave some for my "Nominees" to "award"...

Never forget that our words and thoughts and angst are a valuable out reach to others - when I look at some of the google results that lead to my blog, I am reminded so much of MY OWN desperate search for info before I came across our wonderful group of parents of addicts bloggers...

Yesterday I got a message from another mom who found my blog, and links from mine to others - I encourage her to start her own blog, and I hope she will... and so I am "pre-awarding" her a Blog Love Award Also:

"Hi Athena, I am sorry I didn't see this message sooner. I am new to this website and I don't know where everything is. I went to your Blogspot. You are amazing!! I cried reading your stories about your daughter. I am trying my hardest to keep my chin up but it sure is hard. I lost my dad on 12/31/08 after many many years of suffering from COPD. He lived next door to me with my mom. He had Hospice since October. It took a great deal out of me as I was over there all the time helping my mom. On 2/4/09 I learned of my sons recent relapse with heroin. On 2/6/09, my father-in-law passed away from a heart attack as I sat in a doctors office with about 10 junkies while trying to help my son. This is his 3rd relapse and his last chance with me. I love him so much but I can't take it again. He knows this is his last chance. The next time he is out of the house, which sickens me to death to think about. I know I have to be tough, but it just breaks my heart. My husband won't deal with it anymore. He is totally fed up. I am looking for a local support group as I need help in dealing with this. Thank you for leading me to another website where I don't feel so all alone. I will be in touch again soon.... Sinaj"

Also, Annette, Bless her heart - played the letter game and offered anyone interested, a letter. I took her up on it and my letter is D. If anyone else would like to play let me know and I will pass a letter your way. "D" - That will be my next post :-)

If you get a chance - check out this video - I think it's lovely:


cw2smom said...

Thank you soooo very much Athena! What an honor! I gratefully and humbly take this and will pass it on! Thanks again for thinking me worthy! Blessings to you! Lisa

Mary P Jones (MPJ) said...

Thanks so much. You have some great bloggers on that list, so I'm happy to be included! :)

Mama Zen said...

That video is just wonderful!

Thank you so much for the award!

Isle Dance said...

I love this post. Not just because of the award (Thank You!). Because of the progress report. Your babies will thrive because of you doing that which you know is the right thing. Keep on keeping on. :o)

Anonymous said...

I find many things come to an abrupt halt once you express concern for someone's requests for money. Just her thinking about things is a huge step, so many plow on blaming without thinking.

I came to your blog by way of another & thought it said Mom vs Heron. Ha. Well, actually the content is much more interesting. I admire how you are handling this, it must be more difficult than I could ever imagine.~Mary

Athena said...

Mary - Wow, and your blogs are also quite deep - I was moved by

Wow - and welcome ~hugs~

(Mom vs Heroin - when I started this blog it was about me (Mom) and my daughter (on Heroin) - since then she has become a mom, so, still apropros - Sigh.)

A Feast for the Eyes said...

Thank you so much for my blog award! I haven't been able to post because I am overwhelmed at work.

You've listed the same blogs that I am following, so not sure if I should replicate.

I am so thankful for our family of parents of addicts. Thank you for blessing me with your blogs, as I hope that I am writing to someone's heart.


Syd said...

I just found your site. Thanks for following mine. I appreciated the video. Thanks for sharing. I hope that your daughter continues to do well.

Lou said...

Those emails still make me cry.