Friday, July 4, 2008

The waiting game...

Still no baby... this waiting sure is nerve wracking.

Just like everything else concerning my daughter this past year, it's frustrating to be so powerless to steer her towards positive outcomes... Babies come when they come, of course, but not knowing how "in tune" my daughter is with her body, where she'll be when labor starts, and how she will react - well... you know.

She and the "boyfriend" seem to be spiraling a bit this past week - scamming money, telling stories, etc... She had a court date last week and drove to Dallas for it ... but didn't go - says it was rescheduled. I've heard that one before.

Last night she told her dad her cell phone got stolen -

I really don't know what she is expecting... whether she really believes she is going to be able to keep this baby that she has made absolutely no plans for, choosing the boyfriend's life and addiction, this boyfriend who has already lost 3 children to CPS, instead. She doesn't really talk about AFTER the baby comes - It could be she expects to hand the baby over... It could be that she will be hurt and angry when we intervene. I really don't know...

Happy 4th, every one ... be safe


Fractalmom said...

or it could be, that in her drug induced frame of mind, she is just clueless. she is a child herself yet. they really have no idea what is coming. no plans, no job, no future, but hey!! a baby!!


that's why God made grandparents.

pat said...

I am with fractalmom. She is probably clueless and has no concept of what is going to happen. When she goes into labor and checks into the hospital contact the social service department and give them a head's up. If she tests positive for drugs, they will not allow her baby to go home with her.My prayers are with you on the long hard road ahead of you. As far as having the cell phone stolen, I have heard that excuse myself. They probably sold it for drugs.