Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick update

In a letter today, learned that my daughter has had a sonogram and she is healthy and the baby is healthy as well. She is 25 weeks, and the baby is a girl.

I don't know much more than that - she has spoken with a lawyer and is keeping her hopes up that she will be released before the baby is born, but I don't think that is realistic. She does seem to want us involved, either way.

Her due date is February 26, but a c-section is scheduled for Feb 19th, because of the c-section before. That seems like a blessing; the thought of her going into labor in jail is pretty awful. I hope at least this one "known" doesn't change.

Her spirits seem good overall, and she is getting good prenatal care, unlike last time. Her birthday is next weekend - she will be 20.

Landon is doing great - so smart - so funny. He's been very generous with hugs and kisses this week, and they are so sweet. Pictures tomorrow.

Have I mentioned my husband is amazing? His reaction to the news that it is a granddaughter on the way in February? "A girl... I am already crazy about her"



Lou said...

Your attitude has me smiling in my heart this morning. And Landon is going to have a sister!

It will be an interesting and hard road, with lots of detours I'm sure, but such is this life. You are an example to me to live with what I've been given without guilt, fear, remorse, or blame.

Fractalmom said...

Blessings come in all different ways!! And, at least this time you and he know the ins and outs of the legal system and know WHICH agencies to avoid like the plague, and which attorneys are actually GOOD, and what you need to do UPFRONT to insure success. (if that is your plan). Sigh.

I do still wish there was magic answer to get A*** to pull her head out of her ass and straighten up. However, if there was I certainly would have slipped it into S***'s coffee about 10 years ago.

Good luck and my prayers and best thoughts are with all four of you, your DH, Landon, you and your new grandaughter.


Athena said...

Lou - I am so glad to see you blogging. And I have to say what high praise your comment was to me... that is the example YOU are to ME.

Dawn - Yep. I loved your Friday 55 - and you. I need to add you again to my contacts on my new iphone :-)

I have no crystal ball, none of us do - but the thought of loving a baby, and doing all the right things I know to do, but this time with the knowledge that that isn't always enough to keep them from making poor decisions when they grow up... sometimes is a bit overwhelming. But, what can anyone do but keep moving forward? There is simply no alternative.

~BIG HUGS~ to you both

Annette said...

Your husband....what a man. Glad to hear that babies are well and all is going along. I've got you in my God box Athena. ((HUG)) Congratulations on precious baby granddaughter!!

Madison said...

My niece gave birth a few months back. The father of this baby was basically a one-month stand and would be picked last in a long line of choices. To say that the baby wasn't initially wanted is an understatement. But, this little baby has become the highlight of a lot of lives. We can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with her and watch her grow. So, congratulations. God's got a blessing on the way.

Athena said...

Yes, indeed, Madison - I understand completely... One of the greatest ironies in my life to date is how sad and tragic the whole situation with my daughter is, while at the same time I am overwhelmed with the preciousness of these children, born of her addiction.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Your husband is a sweetheart, I love what he said :)

Congrats on your granddaughter. It will be fun to have one of each. It will all be okay, not easy, but okay.

I love the little progress thingy you put on your blog, makes me wish I was pregnant (ok, maybe not...but I did LOVE being preg!)

Her Big Sad said...

"But, what can anyone do but keep moving forward? There is simply no alternative." Such a simple, but powerful statement. That one's going on my bulletin board.

Thanks to all the wisdom dispensed in this blogging community, my little bulletin board is getting crowded!

Your Dear Husband sounds like a gem! Prayers continue for all of you.

Syd said...

I am hoping for the best for her and the baby. It sounds as if there will be a lot of good that comes from this new baby. I pray that all will be okay.

sKILLz said...

CONGRATS on a girl!
Despite where she is having the baby, she is a blessing.
I will say a prayer that everything works out..
Stay Up!

Madison said...

I passed on an award to you on my blog today. Not sure if you've received this one.

~ Tabitha ~ said...

Wow..interesting post..I wish the baby (and everyone) all the best!

Babies are such a great way to start a new person;)