Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A week can seem so looooong

It's been an intense past 7 days... I've been rattled a bit. I keep reading about people taking vacations... longingly... we love to travel and used to do so, but with baby, work, etc, we knew it would be "less" this year - but I think we do need a get away weekend. Soon.

Last night my sweet husband came home early from work, which just never happens, very ill - he was shivering like crazy, and despite ibuprofen, his fever continued to rise. When it jumped to 103.3 f we knew he had to go to clinic - The nanny had just reported that her son had flu and she would be home with him for two days, so I was so worried about Husband, he just never gets sick, and also concerned about the baby and others in house catching it. Good News/Bad News - Not the flu - But husband has pneumonia :-( and feels awful... I think worse for him is he had to stay home and he worries about his clients - worse for me is trying to make him rest. He got a big shot and is on antibiotics. OH - and, this morning he had an allergic reaction to the codeine cough medicine prescribed. Poor Big Guy. Did I mention that my day yesterday started with a one-year check up for Baby - he's doing great, yay! But he had to get shots and so has been a bit cranky. Poor little guy. Laughing and playing and jabbering away and then someone pokes him in both thighs - that really really hurt his feelings.

I empathize completely. Sometimes things happen that just so do not make sense and can't be explained and certainly do not seem fair at all.

Last Wednesday afternoon, I was sitting at my desk doing my thing... Husband had just gotten home from work - Baby was with the other grandparents, life normal (as normal as our life is, normally, anyway, ha ha. ) You know from last posts daughter has been on my mind - so stage is set:

Another daughter knocks on bedroom/office door and tells me that a -- County constable is at the door asking for me. Well. I fell apart almost immediately. -- County is where my daughter "lives" and where the baby goes when other grand-parents have visits, so I just knew that I was about to hear that they had found my daughter's body or something had happened to the baby. How I made it to the door, I do not know...

The incredible irony of what I heard the constable say added total confusion to the mix: He had a warrant for my arrest. Mine. Incredible. Double sucker punch.

Quick: The good news - No one was dead, hurt, in danger, etc - Thank God. Also, I did not get arrested. Ha Ha - I am almost able to laugh a little now about that - 6 years ago when I was moving, boxes of checks were stolen by the moving crew. The bank notified me, I filed a police report, and I dealt with any notices I got of forged checks, explained situation, etc. 6 years ago.
Unfortunately, a couple of places that had cashed some of these bad checks did not attempt to notify me, they simply filed with the local JP and I suppose the reports got lost under some pile... until last week. Incredible. But, the bright side is a very nice constable: 1st he was totally surprised to find me - any one could have found me at any time in past 6 years - and was very sympathetic... he waited around for us to go to ATM and get cash to buy money orders and then escorted to mail box in lieu of arresting. Sigh. So now I have to go through all of the bureaucracy I did 6 years ago - to small town police station to get copy of police report with bank affidavits, then to JP to hopefully get my money back. Did I mention irony? It seems like addicts get away with intentional misconduct regularly, right? I did nothing wrong, and, well...

I am looking forward to things getting back to normal. We need a vacation. Seriously. Sadly, any potential vacation funds got mailed to JP and "Vacation" time for hubby spent being sick and mine will be spent getting money back from said JP. So - Until a real vacation happens, I shall vacation vicariously through others and remember to count my blessings and look on the bright side. And remember to smile. What else can I (we) do?


Chic Mama said...

A busy week for you, at least you can say you can smile. Thats looking on the positive side of things. Every week at the moment seems like that, amazing how much can happen in such a small space of time. Take care.

Mom of Opiate Addict said...

Wow, it has been a busy, eventful 7 days indeed! How lucky your husband and grandbaby are to have you there to nurse them back to health. Maybe start "planning" a vacation, get online and check into some places you may want to go, look at dates you might be able to get away even for just a weekend. At least this will give you something to look forward to, you will have it planned out and you can take a mental vacation while you do your searching. I find our best getaways are short weekend trips not too far from home. Please take good care of you while nursing the others:) Oh, I so know what you mean about that feeling--getting to the door, such an awful experience that seems to last forever and all for not. God Bless.

Lou said...

Athena, I feel for you and that total fear of answering the door. It is the longest minute..and then it turns out to be something so remote.

I'm also thinking a short 3 day trip when your husband is better. My husband and I get in the car and just drive for 3 or 4 hours (any direction and we will hit a Great Lake). Then we just stop at a motel somewhere. I don't plan or make reservations. It's spontaneous, there is always a room available somewhere. We keep it simple, and just relax for a few days.

Marsha said...

It just never stops, does it?

Have you heard from your daughter by chance? I know you were worried about that last week.

I've had stolen identity experiences, very much the same as yours, as well. Every now and then something crops up from those stolen checks.

I've gotten so paranoid since then that I very rarely will write/use checks.

Athena said...

lol - I forgot that other irony, Marsha - I haven't had a checking account in 4-5 years!

And Lou... That's exactly what Norm & I did for one of our most favorite get-aways - and it was the day after Thanksgiving a couple years ago. Very nice.

Hugs to all

Syd said...

It almost sounds like a serenity breaker, especially the arrest and check nabbing thing. I don't like red tape. Glad that you'll be able to get it all taken care of. Maybe just a bit of vacation at home this weekend would be good....even just for a few hours.

Ropes4u said...

It's almost ironic, my wife and I are making twice a week trips to VZ county to see my daughter who is in rehab there. I wish you the best of luck and can only say that this to shall pass.

I am recovered addict with one two daughters in recovery, there is hope.

Athena said...

Ropes4u - such a small world sometimes! Thanks for the hope, and best to you and yours

MrsMessiness said...

Ack! I am so glad you were able to stay positive and see the good in this - just reading it makes me nervous, because I know it would have been a great excuse for me to give in to being overwhelmed.

My prayers are officially sent out to your poor husband and you to keep on truckin' mama. *hugs*

Annette said...

You are amazingly strong! ((HUG))

Anonymous said...

Hi, there.
I was wondering if I could possibly get your email. I would love to talk to you. Our stories are so similar and sharing mine with someone who understands would be relieving.

Thank you,