Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ad Vitam Paramus

**Update - she's out, released last night, [Thursday]**

So - She has been transferred to Dallas County.

She called me yesterday & last night and feels confident she will be out within a week. It would not surprise me.

The "boyfriend" is still in VZC; apparently he was indicted on a 2 yr old charge that he had.

My daughter said she was anxious to get out so she could "work on getting him released" ... With a baby due in (glances up) 50 days.

Sigh. Keep the prayers coming!


Midnitefyrfly said...

Definitely thinking of you and sending you my prayer and hope for everyone involved!

Barbara aka Layla said...


Lou said...

Hmmm...mixed news indeed.

Fractalmom said...

Life-it's not like the brochure !

Syd said...

Maybe her priorities will shift a bit to the baby. Let's hope.

Laura said...


pat said...

Still on that roller coaster. What is it about him that she seems to not be able to let go?

Cheri said...

Praying, my friend. Praying.

We've been out of pocket, traveling, much of December, so I've been out of touch.

This is indeed mixed news.

Praying you can grab tightly to the joy and hold the sorrow loosely enough to keep from suffocating! Weird prayer, but it's survival, isn't it?

Prayers coming your way,
Cheri and Wayne