Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Daughter Is A Strong Woman

It's been so long since I've updated... My daughter is doing great, and I am thankful every day to be able to say that. Especially on this 100th anniversary of International Women's Day.

She has travelled a road that many do not survive, but I believe in her. In her strength, and goodness, and her desire to be a good mother. She's sober, and working hard. She is beautiful and healthy and smart. She is surrounded by family and love, and I know she can do anything she sets herself to do.

Today I feel the purpose of my blog has changed; I feel the story is an important one, though, so I'll keep it up. She's not quite sure how to take this blog - it certainly is my side of where we have been... After all of this time, she has grown from a child into a woman, and she finally understands I was never "fighting" her, I was "fighting" heroin. Perhaps one day my daughter will co-blog with me? We'll see. I have been inspired by so many others, and I hope she will be as well. She can be an inspiration, too.

Stay strong and don't give up... This community of parents has been a life-saver to me. I try to check in on all of my friends here; I'll try harder - because I truly do care.

One step at a time, moving forward...


Deirdre said...

Yay! So glad to hear of your good report on your daughter! Praise God for this and praise to your daughter for her turn around! My son is no longer using heroin, but I do have concerns for his alcohol use...He is doing SO much better though, so I am grateful too. I have encouraged my son to post on my blog too, but he hasn't yet done so, though he is considering it. Thanks for sharing your good news. :) Deirdre

ChaiLatte said...

So happy to hear that your daughter is doing great!!

Fractalmom said...

Go A!! Whoop Whoop!!!

Dad and Mom said...

There are so many myself included that at tme could not see that there was life after heroin.

Your daughter, my son and many many others shine like a lost light. There is life and we know the ground may never be firm but it is something I can live with now. I love reading posts like these and those that seem so lost, I hope they can see that there can be life after heroin.

Cadan Henry said...

Just located the blog. I have been dealing with this with certain family members for so many years. All my prayers.


Jennifer Miller said...

I have been following this blog for a while now. I also have 2 sons that are heroin addicts but are bothe sober right now. I am sooo happy to hear the good news! There are alot of people that will be inspired by this. Tell your daughter we are all proud of her. Jennifer

Barbara said...

So very good to hear such a wonderful update! I have no doubt your daughter is very inspirational and it would be incredible if she started a blog or co-blogged with you. Its so important for us to see their side and for them to see ours, when that happens it eliminates the "us and them" mentality!

Look at those two adorable kiddos in your photo!!!!

Tori said...

Great to hear she is doing so well.

yaya said...

So glad she is doing well. I've missed following your blog. Glad you are posting again.

My daughter gets out of rehab this weekend. Wish I could be as happy about it as you. 17 years of herion addiction, coupled with numerous rehabs, has left me with somewhat dimished hope.

I think I learned the art of detachment so well; that it's going to be a long while til I can reverse it.

Enjoy every minute with your daughter.

God bless

Arlene said...

I am new to this site. My daughter is an herion addict. And I was looking for comfort in other mother's journey as they deal with their child's addiction. It's encouraging to hear that your daughter is doing well. I'm so happy for you and hope that one day I will be able to share the same.

April Martin said...

I am in the position that you were in ... our journey began in 2006 also, Logan then was 16 and will be 20 in August. Heroin has become the devil to our family and I searched today (the night before my birthday while she is spending the weekend in Jail) I came across your blog. I read your first post, and just read part of your most recent one and am just sobbing. It is hard at times to believe that she might ever be ok but I am SO thankful for your blog and for your family despite the fact that I have only known about you for mere minutes.

Athena said...


Happy Birthday :-)

I'm sorry for this one thing that we have in common, but then again finding other bloggers who are parents or close to a family members addiction has been so, so important to me.

6 months ago I could not imagine that my daughter would be where she is now. A big factor is a girl she met in prison who helped Amanda look at her situation from the outside... Isn't life ironic?

The blogroll here will lead you to an amazing support system... I ended up here the same way you did, because there really is no one answer. Feel free to email: jsoeur@gmail.com


Athena said...

Jennifer, Arlene, Caden... Thank you for sharing and for your kind words


To all: You and yours are all in my thoughts and I respect you all so much for the strong, loving parents and friends that you are; You've followed enough by now I'm sure to know that prolific I'm not... But I'm here,steady, taking it one day at a time. (And chasing a 2.5 year old!)

Athena said...

Ya-Ya: How's it going since your daughter got out of rehab? I've been thinking about you...

Still taking it one day at a time, here

Cadan Henry said...

thanks for comin by. i try to do work that stirs readers and that might be relatable. Could be a bright shiny day next.


PeaPod said...

Surfing around in a relaxed fashion early on a Saturday morning, i've stumbled across your blog and found it really moving. I was close to tears when I read the responses here and saw how many folk identifying and sharing snippets of their own stories.

Amazing stuff!

Anonymous said...

i'm so happy to hear your daughter is doing well. dont forget to remind her that its her that has done this and is doing so well - not god or anyone else. to other parents that are still struggling and are in the uk, i advise you to go private.the nhs is rubbish. in my experience it is the parents that need tough love sometimes - no one takes a drug like heroin for no reason and my own mother wa definitely part of the cause and not the solution. much love to those who WERE part of my solution - kind,professional,intelligent,openminded DOCTORS.
sending you lots of love and luck for the future.never underestimate the magnitude of what your daughter has been through.

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